Inguz, Voorouder van de Ingvaeones, god van erfelijkheid; vernoeming, licht

Photography. Genealogy. History.

My interests are History, Genealogy and Photography. On Genealogy, the family names most common in my Genealogy are: Bartels, de Brouwer, de Kruif (De Cruijff), de Jager, Florie, Hendriksen, Klinkenberg, Landzaat, van der Horst, Kerkvliet, Waagenaar, and part of the related family van den Elshout. Most research has been done on the Internet on local community sites and through sites like myheritage and thus through contributions of other geneologists You will find errors and incomplete date which needs to be sorted out further. The info is however as I found it. On this site you find links to some of my projects. If you have questions, please contact me.